Jinjun Huang and her clinic

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Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to the combined therapeutic treatments of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

In the recorded Chinese history, during the Spring and Autumn Warring State period, Acupuncture, Fire Moxibustion and hot ironing were often used as therapeutic treatment for diseases.

The famous ancient Chinese Medical Doctor Hua Tuo also specializes in acupuncture and moxtibustion emphasizing that disease are caused by stagnation of Qi and the importance of acupuncture conduction

Selecting few but precise acupoints

He also invented the Jia Ji “pinching spinal” acupoints

Later these points were named Huatuo Jia Ji points

Today we are very happy to have invited Acupuncturist Ms. Jinjun Huang who originated the “One needle therapy” to our show

Hello Ms. Huang

Hello Moderator, hello everyone

Ms. Huang, I heard you have a very very unique type of needling called Huang’s One Needle Therapy.

So what does the one needle referring to

First I am very glad to come here and share with everyone

My clinical experiences accumulated through the years

And to introduce my unique one needle therapy

By one needle therapy means my technique requires one needle on the entire body

Which unblock all system on the body

Meaning the entire body can feel the effect

“Unblock” means to open and promote circulation, smooth flow of qi and blood

In reality when we age

It’s the progression of stagnation and blockage of our metabolism

From the exterior to the interior from one organ to all the organs

When all fail what happens to the body? Dies? correct

End of life

Human body in reality is like a machine, it has an on/off switch

The one needle finds this switch

I found the human body’s on/off switch

In other words, I turn on the switch through the usage of one needle

Then through electrical acupuncture for stimulation

Allowing the entire body to feel the tremor

Many of my patients describe

Oh goodness this needle

The feeling is torturous

Others describe

As waterfall flowing from top of the mountain feeling the euphoria

Then from head to toe all share the same feeling

Like the geyser flowing clearing through the body



A very comfortable pleasant feeling

May foreigners called it “crazy needle”

Because through electro-acupuncture, the body tremors

So patient would be on the treatment table saying

Oh no, am I going to fall down the treatment table

I would say don’t worry, you are very safe

In reality the one needle therapy is like someone is tired and the wires are lose

Then I tighten the wire give it a jump start

Because this one needle

It’s as we say pull one hair move the entire body

Wow! It sounds so very interesting

How does this one needle work

I heard your one needle therapy originates from Huatuo’s Acupuncture technique

Can you explain to us what is its uniqueness

The numerous life accomplishment of Huatuo is endless

For example Five Birds Qigong, Herbal anesthesia, surgery,

Called the originator of

using acupuncture as anesthesia and acupuncture for wellness

all have great contributions

Herbal prescriptions using few but specifically selected herbs

Every formula would not be but a couple of types of herbs

When he performed acupuncture he was also against choosing too many points

He would selected only one to two points when needling

Also he would tell the patient where the patient would feel the stimulation of the needle

When the patient reports the stimulation has reached the foretold area

He would pull out the needle

Patients would recover immediately from ailment

It was said that many of his medical books are lost

But his medical theory

Has greatly affected my origination of the one needle therapy

Wow, so Huatuo was actually the teacher who enlightened you.

We heard your needling technique is very special

Also we heard you started practicing martial arts at an early age

So your one needle therapy

Would you say is related to your martial art practice at a young age

Many famous doctors in ancient time

They all have a common character

They all focus and emphasize on health care and wellness

Also through martial arts enhanced their own medial performance

We talked about earlier

That Huatuo left the legacy of Huatuo Jiaji (pinch spine) acupoints

And the five birds qi gong

Because martial arts and medical performances have a lot of common characteristics

The foundation of traditional Chinese medicine

Is Yin Yang, five elements, eight hexagrams, flowing etc





It’s all reflected in the Universe between all things

This is the essence of martial arts as well

My one needle therapy

In reality is very much related to my martial arts training starting at a young age

One is to follow my father’s martial art techniques

One was that I had several martial arts tutors

Once entering the strictness of tutelage

The third one is actually my own perception

The master opens the door for the disciples but the practice depends on the individual disciples

In fact, there is virtually like a pair of eyes

A hand that is leading me

All along the way

So is this intangible factor

That provided a very smooth unblocked passage for me

Much like my one needle therapy that unblocks and open up all passages

Yes Yes Yes

Dr. Huang, training for martial arts is difficult

I know that the Shaolin Temple

Usually uses sticks and kicks

As a girl, why would you want to practice martial arts

Among them, did you harvest anything special?

Harvest of course

Now that we know there are lots of benefits

But during the time of training I didn’t feel the harvest

It was like a child’s play

It was just a hobby

Other children

May be playing with dolls

Me, I was interested in Martial Arts

Perhaps because my father was teaching other kids

I wanted to join and practice

I would practice my Horse-stand along the side

I remember that one time

I remember there

On my way to school

I would at time carry the led ball

It was pretty heavy ball weighing five kilograms

Huh? You were a kid and you carried 5 kilograms

Yup five kilogram a ball

I go to school everyday

Sometimes I forget but most time I will carry it

It’s to practice your finger grip

In fact, as martial artists

Most would know how to heal and cure










Back then, my father also taught me some trigger points

Trigger points is similar to acupuncture points

I was young and didn’t understand

What is trigger points

Did not know the importance of acupuncture points on human body

In fact, it is acupuncture


Through my systematic

After theoretical study

I understand that trigger point at the time

Is the most important acupuncture points on the human body

Those points can both cure illness

And also deadly enough to kill

That plus

I practiced Qi gong and have some ideas and experiences

Along in conjunction with all system

Learn the various medical theory

So I studied with masters

And I realized and conceptualized things

Of course all related

So I perfected the one needle therapy technique

So for this one needle therapy I am very curious and also for the audience

Where is this acupuncture point?

Is it always the same point?

In fact, our body has a total of fourteen meridians

A total of 361 points

Of course, there are some 48 extra points in addition

Through the process, a large number of newly developed  points also

There is also a large number of extraordinary points

For example, hand foot, ear points all add up

In fact, there are more than a thousand more points

I often use, but only one point

A king point with several auxiliary points

That is in fact very similar to herbal formula prescriptions

King, Minister, Adjuvant, Courier are the same

This point location changes on everyone everyday

Because your magnetic field is different

So everyone come and see me on different time

So my king point choice basically depends on my diagnosis by hand

To determine the location of the king point location

Which points are for assistance

I will needle according to my diagnosis

Wow, sounds very mysterious

This point selection certainly isn’t easy




Many people knows the effectiveness of acupuncture

But it seems painful. Is it painful?

Pain wise

In fact, everyone feels pain differently

Everyone has different level of sensitivity

That’s why some are afraid of pain

Others have no reaction whatsoever


Yes some have no reaction

In fact most people can tolerate

And even some tell me that the needle give them such pleasure

It’s like the entire body getting deep massage

It’s when I use electro-acupuncture in the therapy

The electric current goes from head to toe

Like the entire body

In fact the whole body with four limbs and head and all organs

All feel the tremor feeling

You said just now that it feels like electrical current passing through

Besides these feelings

What other feelings are there?

When I needle at the same time is when I leave the needle

The strength of the stimulation is controlled by my hand

For example stronger or weaker stimulation

Of course when we first start

I will start off the current very weak

Then when your body accommodates and get accustomed

I will increase the current

Is it possible to not be able to tolerate at all

Sometimes there maybe such cases

But most of the time the common presentation is


Sweating is in fact a way our body detoxify

Of course we know we detox through various methods

One is to defecate urinate, the other is through sweat

Then this phenomenon

In fact, for many patients who have blood stagnation and phlegm stasis and

damp heat would

benefit from this type of detoxification

very commonly

many people who are very weak

doctors tell them that they need to exercise


right no time

one is no time, one is to say






I have not the strength

No energy to exercise

So through my one needle therapy

Can help him obtain the exercise effect

Wow, sounds amazing

Will assist in having the effect of exercise

Correct, of course, the tremors

He moves involuntarily

For my one needle

The least amount used is the least

One needle numbness

Then the treatment effect is better

This is to say

My one needle comply with

Huatuo’s acupuncture essence

It’s to say using less needles doesn’t hurt the Qi (energy)

Also it means that

I would also like to use a

My long term practice of qigong

Which I meditate for the qi to be on my hand

Conduction through the needle to the patient

Of course, this one needle occupies my entire focus

It’s to say that I focus my energy spirit and essence all onto my hand

In fact my concentration would not be sufficient to complete

You talked about concentration

You are referring to the time you insert the one needle

You use that concentration

The so called concentrated force

Is my concentration plus a intensity of force

The so called concentration everyone knows

It’s when one calms down

And  becomes very relaxed

Cleared of any thoughts and irritability

Concentrate wholeheartedly on one thing

Focus all spirit and energy in the specific place

Which is on my one needle

Of course if I were to needle the patient

His left foot is the problem; left foot swelling

Or some problem

My one needle needs to be placed on the left foot

Then I can needle to the affected area

I use very strong and concentrated thoughts

Also if the force is not strong enough

A slightly off then I will not be able to get the point

Wow, this one needle therapy sounds very special






Then if you wish to learn the one needle technique

can you follow a master?

A master can basically open the door for you

How you perform and practice will be individually dependent

See if you have the savvy to learn correct?

Then it may be very difficult to choose the apprentice

Apprentice, in fact, I would be willing to teach

It depends on who is willing to learn

Wow, our viewers may be very lucky

If you happen to be a medical student,

Then you can consider

We will take a break

Next we will continue to ask Acupuncturist Ms. Huang to share more exciting stories.






Second Section

The foundation of acupuncture and moxibustion and concept of thick needles


Welcome back to our show

We have been sharing Doctor Huang’s experience

She has a very unique acupuncture technique

But I am very curious

I heard the needles you use is also different from others

My needle is slightly thicker

In ancient time, it was referred to as Giant needle some refer to Red medical needles

It’s from the Yellow Emperor’s Classics

Evolved from nine needle big needle

Its relatively thicker thus the name

Legend has it that Hua Tuo used such needle

Sure enough, HuaTuo was your teacher

Then the usage differences between thick and thin needles

Is there any different in effects

Usually seeking, the thin needles are hard to insert deeply

Difficult to attain the best therapeutic effect

The depth of the needle in acupuncture is similar to the dosage of the herbal formula

The deeper is similar to bigger dosage

Of course when you treat

You cannot provide adult the dosages for children, correct

Then the thicker needles

I can needle deeper and more accurately

And attain excellent effects

But I would like to know

Does thicker causes more pain?

Many people will be concerned with the problem with pain

Yes that’s very important

In fact the feeling of pain or no pain




Has nothing to do with the thickness of the needle

Pain is only felt at the skin surface

Where your nerves are for feeling the pain

When I needle quickly and accurately

You won’t feel it at all

It’s a fraction of a second upon penetration of the skin

There is a stimulation of the pain nerve

But the quickness of the penetration is controlled by my hand technique

So if my technique is accurate

There is no pain whatsoever

So your technique of acupuncture

Is the same as using thin needle

Thin needle in fact is thinner

And it’s difficult to insert deeply

It’s harder to feel the needle in my hand

I use the thick needle because I can feel in on my hand

I know and feel where the needle is inserted

IN fact I already said, my acupuncture point

Is accurate to the point of the thickness of a hair

If it’s slightly off

Your feeling will not be the same

So the thin needles are less accurate

Thick needles will not bend

So it’s more accurate and no chance of breakage

Then of course the acupuncture point selection

The so called acupuncture point

It’s between the sinews and tendons and not on the surface of the skin

So the thicker the needle makes it easier to inserted into the location

In fact the appropriate needling is needling to the acupuncture point

For mild cases, one treatment should see effect

For example, sprained and sprained ankle

Foot was very swollen

After my acupuncture treatment on the spot

Some are able to walk immediately

Basically my patients’ treatments are shortened

Some doctors make patients come everyday

My needling treatment is needed twice a week the most

Three times is okay too.

Of course, some symptoms also vary if needed

Most people require twice a week only

Wow, this needle treatment seems marvelous


Dear audience we were just listening to acupuncturist Huang sharing her experience

In fact, pain does not depend on the thickness of the needle.

So we can rest assured

We will take a break.

We will continue shortly






Third section (Treatment philosophy and cooperation between doctor and patient) 8 min


Welcome back to our show

Besides the special acupuncture technique of Acupuncturist Ms Huang

Her method of diagnosis is also unique

Can you share with us Ms. Huang

The uniqueness of your diagnosis?

In reality, diagnosis in our Chinese Medicine

Four diagnosis is the most basic diagnosis

That is Looking, Olfaction, Asking and auscultation

I’m use a special unique hand diagnosis

That is my left hand performs the diagnose while my right hand performs acupuncture

The Diagnosis treatment is using the spinal column

Because the Central Nervous System controls all messages

On the body on the spinal cord

All organs conditions are reflected on the spinal column

All reflections are on the Spine

Through my diagnosis of the spine, I can detect the diseases of the body

This is my specialty

Then does the patient needs to cooperate

He must cooperate with your touch

Or with the process of needling

In order to effectively treat the disease

Of course, patient’s cooperation is very important

Patient, foremost, before being needled

Need to relax, when you are tense

Your muscles are tense

Many times I have to tell the patients to relax

The more I say relax, the more tense

So I can’t locate the point and may become anxious

So patient must cooperate to work

It’s actually difficult to perform the needling

Then if the patient really trusts and

Cooperates fully with the process

Your therapy effectiveness will increases 30%

Yes, I believe that’s definitely very important

So besides the physical cooperation

Mentally, you can say perhaps

Lying down in prone position is scary

So how do you cooperate mentally

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we view everything as a “whole.”

In fact, this include the patient and doctors’ rapport

It also include relation between human beings

And the environment or ambiance

Everything is related and so we say

How one is feeling is very important

It is all included and connected

Including your health

In fact, what does that include

Mental health and physical health together

It also include our regular schedule in

Meal, hygiene, habits, all very closely related


Then all aspect of life

All cooperated with treatment and therapy

I’m also trained psychologically

For example, the initial visit of the patient

I would listen to the patient very patiently

This way

I can differentially diagnose the causes of the disease

It’s actually tremendous help

In reality, human beings are all different in characters

In fact, the individual character

Has to do with the development of the disease

It is very much related

Wow! Looks like it’s very difficult to be a good doctor!

Audience, I believe you have now shared Acupuncturist Ms. Huang’s experience

You must also want to know

How is it that she actually uses the needle to treat the disease

“One Needle Therapy Acupuncturist Ms. Huang” is a series of programs.

Among the next few episodes

we will continue to share Acupuncturist Ms. Huang’s experience of using the One Needle Technique

to treat for example side-effects of inflammation, pain management, hay fever, Gynecological diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis, and arthritis, etc

Also the treatment of acupuncture

For wellness

  1. Huang,  I wanted to ask

We know that highly trained martial artisits

Sometimes when they pass down their art forms, they pick only one disciple

Some would not release all information and keep some art secret

Doesn’t want to fully pass it down

Then why would you

Want to pass down such an unique acupuncture technique

Wanting to spread the knowledge

And share it with our world-wide audiences?

If I wanted to keep it a secret

Then I wouldn’t be sitting here correct?





First, actually I am very motivated

I hope that in the process  of my treatment

Many patients

Like some say when you are sick, you look for any doctor

Then there are patients

After being sick, they are totally confused

They do not know which doctor is the best to see for the disease

Of course they can search for the Western MD on the web

I need to see which cardiologist for example

But for Traditional Chinese Acupuncturists, there is no specialty


All are through word of mouth

So I hope through this program

I hope I can introduce this method of acupuncture

Then everyone will understand

Then they may also know

I have certain disease, I need to see certain doctor the best

Of course I’m not saying I am the best

I only hope to introduce my special technique of acupuncture

Hope everyone can understand

Secondly, because acupuncture has already been listed

And ranked as the world’s intangible heritage

I hope that within the field of acupuncture

Many of the acupuncturists

Many of these practitioners are ancestral inherited, many are academic scholars

Many have accumulated years of clinical experiences

And every individual has the characteristics of their own

And every characteristic is different

I hope we can achieve an exchange in communication

I also wish to contribute to the field of acupuncture

Thirdly, in fact clinically speaking

Many of my patients are in the process of treatment

For diseases that medicine has yet to find a cure

So hope through this program and through me

I hope everyone can understand more

On how I treat

For example

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s

Diseases related to the neural chemicals

Typically very difficult to handle in the Western Medicine

I also hope that some research institutions

Specifically in these areas would look at the importance of

Brain-cell/Neurological research

If contacted, I’d be very willing to cooperate

To do a research study

Wow, doctors really care about their patients.

I can’t wait to see the second episode

To see how you actually treat

So I thank you for our audiences to come to our program and sharing your experience

Thank you for coming

Thank you.

Thank you.