One Needle Therapy with Dr. Huang  Episode 11


Part I

Hello to our world-wide audience and friends

Welcome to our show:  One Needle Therapy with Wonderful Dr. Huang

Arthritis is a world-epidemic chronic disease

According to the World Health Organization’s statistics

In 2011, there are 350 million sufferers from the disease globally

It is estimated that by 2020, the number will increase to 590 million sufferers

Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis are

The most common types of arthritis

Today, we are very pleased to have invited Dr. Huang, Jinjun, licensed acupuncturist

To our show to share with us

How Chinese Medicine treats

Rheumatism and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hello Dr. Huang

Hello Moderator

Hello audience and friends

I’ve just mentioned the tongue twisting

Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis

Friends and audiences must really want to know the differences and relations

Between rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis belong to the category of “Bi” Syndromes in Chinese Medicine

Swelling and pain of the joints in Chinese medicine can be referred to as “Bi” or paralysis.

Although all are affecting the joints

They both have syndrome of pain in the joints

But please do not confuse them as the same disease


Rheumatism is mainly a bacterial infection, also called allergic hypersensitivity.

It manifests in red painful hot swellings

The main reaction in the body occurs in the large joints and will involve the heart


The rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of the immune system reaction

It’s to say that the autoimmune cells within our body

Is mistakenly attacking our own body’s tissues

Manifesting in the deformation of small joints

This sounds like there are big differences between the two

Many people when due to change in weather

Will feel the slight aching of their joints

Like as if it’s forecasting weather

Does this belong to a part of rheumatism?

Yes, this is a part of the rheumatism

Rheumatism, the main cause or etiology is what?

According to Chinese medicine, wind cold damp evil and heat

Are all due to excessive use of joints

For example if we over exercised

Or never exercised

In fact are all related

It’s related to overly usage

Of course, we will look at the etiology in Chinese Medicine

Wind cold damp bi, in fact we can differentiate into categories

Chinese medicine differentiate

Into what categories?

Wind cold damp evil we call it

One is walking bi, one is pain bi, one is sticky bi

What are their differences?

Just like the wind, walking Bi moves

It travels from place to place causing pains everywhere nonspecific

So the pain is here and there at different places at different time

Pain Bi is together with cold

So cold is the type of pain that’s very very painful

Because cold, so when the weather is cooler, the pain is more severe

Especially at night, the pain increases

Then what is sticky bi?


Sticks to you, you mean?

So it’s due to dampness

The joints and limbs feel heavy

Specifically we have a saying describing “the head is so heavy like it’s wrapped”

The kind of wrapped-up pain

Like two legs tied to heavy weights

When you walk, you feel very heavy

And the flexibility reduced

Another category is called Hot Bi

Hot bi is either due to internal symptoms or induced by external trauma

The external trauma is easily understandable

When you are hit or knocked over

All traumas can cause pain

Internal heat can be understood as when own body produces internal heat

Sometimes there will be pain in the joints

So how does Chinese medicine treat rheumatism?

And what type of specialty or expertise do you perform?

My specialty is the one needle

Yes, with a needle

Of course, Chinese medicine handed down from thousands of years of history

So I am used to say that the needle is faster

One is to say that it will breeze the wind and clear the heat

We have just said channel the wind, clear the heat, disperse the cold and eliminate the evil

Another is of course to open up the meridians

Wind evil is the leader of hundreds of diseases

So it is often at the upper body

It’s to say that normally, if there is wind evil

We are usually affected in the neck or nape area that’s affected by the wind

So we need to know

To prevent rheumatism, you have to keep your neck warm first

That’s very important

Then my acupuncture points.

Also focused on Feng Chi (Wind Pool GB21) and Feng Fu (Wind Residence DU16) as primary points

To eliminate the wind?

Related to the wind

All relative to the wind

Looking at the character Feng (Wind) in Chinese

These points all have the word Feng (Wind) correct?

Damp the main cause is due to spleen deficiency

Chinese medicine views this as more sticky

It’s the wind cold, summer damp, hot fire within the six evils.

The most intractable among the six evils is the dampness

Why? Because it’s heavy and difficult to treat

We are coupled with its relatively small molecules

Which is difficult to evade from the body

So how do we treat?

You can tell me?

Of course it’s to raise the yang

That simple

Yes, lift the yang and then tonify the spleen

Spleen deficiency causes dampness

So Chinese Medicine treatment in fact is very simple

But simple and easy to understand

Cold, is when we speak of freezing condensate

Like when someone speaks of the weather

That my body is like a weather forecaster

You must know when the pain begins

That it will rain tomorrow for certain


Now, when we are cold what do we do?

Add heat to warm up correct?

Add heat

So my acupuncture primarily uses the point on the Du Governing channel

To raise the yang energy

Just like what?

Get some sunlight

When you are cold, then you should stay out in the sun and absorb sunlight

To get warm, that’s the meaning

Heat, in fact is dispersing heat and radiating heat

This in fact is just like the quick acupuncture effect

Just like when kids have fever

You needle Da Zhui (Big Spine, Du 17) for a second, you don’t need injection and the fever is gone

When people have heat symptoms and pain

In fact, this is a very effective point

I heard you talk about Da Zhui (Big Spine, Du 17) acupuncture point a lot

I must remember this point

Yes, this is one of the most important points on the human body to raise the yang

You just mentioned that the etiology included wind cold damp heat

Can you give us some actual examples

How you treated actual patients

There are in fact too many cases

I cannot give you all of the samples from wind cold damp heat


Let me just give a few typical cases

Like I remember there was a Korean female patient age 65

She came with the knee, this part

Both knees were swollen

How bad was the swelling?

It was swollen up to the thigh

The calf and thigh were both swollen

She came in on crutches not being able to walk on her own

She wasn’t even stable to sit adequately

So I asked when she came how it became so serious

I asked why didn’t you come sooner

She told me she went to the western medical doctor and they used needles to pump out the water

Or they give her anti-inflammatory drugs

She was uncomfortable after taking the medication

And it wasn’t very effective

So she came to see me

I told her I need to also eliminate the edema

But my approach is local

Local, I just mentioned what about heat

Clear the heat

Yes, clear the heat

So one is to reduce her fever with Da Zhui (Big Spine, DU 17)

Of course, the one needle will cause her to sweat

To alleviate some pain

Then, I would needle local points

Locally, the acupuncture points we use are Nei Xi (Inner knee) and Wai Xi Yan (external knee eye ST35)

The pinhole after pulling out the needles, I would use cupping

We use cupping to extract the edema

Every time, my cup

Would be an entire cup of water extracted

That should be very painful

Actually it’s not painful

But she would feel less heavy

Edema will be reduced

Decrease the swelling

And reduce the heavy weight

Of course, the therapy takes a period of time for treatments

Slowly, there will also be a recovery process

Of course, the effect is pretty good

This is for edema and there are for others

For example the joint may be due to other

Chronic factor

Leading to knee discomfort

That would be too many

This is what we call over-usage, wear and tear

For example, we had a neighbor

I see him on a daily basis on his knees with his wife


In the yard gardening and pruning the lawn

Very tiresome

I saw her once

I told her she shouldn’t do that because the ground is too wet

I told her you are no longer at a young age

Your knees will definitely be painful if you continuously kneel on the ground everyday

Sure enough, a couple of later, she came to me telling me that I was correct

My knees begin to hurt

I told her there is no problem,  I will do a quick needling

A very quick treatment

Her pain was to the point she couldn’t extended straight when walking

After my treatment

She said the pain stopped

She was very happy

She recorded a tape and told me

Before you fixed my knees so quickly

So I’m almost like her family doctor

Yes, so do you have other cases to share with us?

Others such as external trauma

Trauma, in fact, there are quite a few

The joint pain caused by skiing

Even cases I think I probably shouldn’t be treating

The wrist dislocated due to skiing accident

Of course it’s very painful

At the time, I used acupuncture

And help reset by adjusting

This type of treatment

There are also many hip bone problems

This type of patients

For example in females, you will discover

She walks obliquely

I see that she walk a little oblique

I told her to take off her shoes for me to see

The imbalance of the feet causes the shoes to be worn down

One leg would be uneven with the other

This way, you look at the shoes

One shoe is more worn down than the other

It shows a little micro-displacement of hipbone

It will also hurt

Here, acupuncture treatment is actually very effective for this type of pain

Previously, many people did not know how the hip bone would actually hurt

There is a way to check oneself

What method?

Do you want to know?

Because a lot of females, that is

When they walk

They feel a little awkward

Not very painful, but little awkward

So I say talk at look at it yourself

One is at your shoes

One is to lie down and cross your leg

Like the number 4 test

One method using the position to check

It’s to bend your knee to make the shape of a 4

Press down on the knee to see if it can be pressed to the bed

Or if you lie on the floor

See if your leg can touch the ground

This will prove if your hip bone has problem

Audience and friends, let’s take a break

When we return, we will ask the doctor to share with us

The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis


Part 2


Welcome back to our studio

We have just now understood

The etiology and treatment of rheumatism

Now we are entering rheumatoid arthritis

Doctor, the rheumatoid arthritis

How does Chinese Medicine see it, what kind of a disease is it?

Rheumatoid arthritis, we have already said

It mainly affects the small joints

It will cause deformity in the smaller joints

Or hinder the movement of your limbs

Chinese Medicine believes that rheumatoid arthritis is mainly due to

Deficiency in both Qi and blood

And Heart Liver Spleen Lung Kidney organs disharmony

Affecting and blocking the meridians and causing limb joints swelling and pain

Leading to disability

Spleen and kidney treatment therapy focuses on rheumatoid arthritic drugs

And early treatment is more effective and better than treatment at a later stage

Because toward the later stage, the patient is in much pain

Wanting to cure but no energy or effort to cooperate, much like a living death

Like a patient I saw

When he was young, maybe he was 165 meter in height, pretty tall

When he is nearly 70 years of age

He has shrunk down to 160 meter or maybe even less

The entire joints all deformed

The appearance of people who have shrunk are somewhat pathetic


I remember this patient very clearly

Yes, so what types of symptoms are there for the rheumatoid arthritis

Beside what you’ve mentioned about shrinkage

In early stage, in fact, the symmetrical or bilateral red swollen pain with fever is presented

Commonly seen in the small joints of the metacarpophalangeal joints

Sometimes in the knee or ankle joints

Wrist joint also sore and swollen

There is a more typical symptom of morning stiffness

What is morning stiffness?

Morning stiffness is waking up and discovering

How come you cannot open your fist

That’s morning stiffness

Really, it will be like that

Yes, it cannot open because qi and blood cannot go through

And then there is the cervical

The cervical spine is tight

Many people when waking up, all have these symptoms

Then after half an hour of movement, everything seems fine

Originally cannot move with stiffness, all better after activities

Many people are affected in their normal life

Even cannot button the buttons on their cloth

Why finger joints have no energy?

metacarpal joints lost its flexibility for activities

Like washing your face and button your shirts all have difficulties

Especially toward middle age or elderly, the deformity is increased

Then it belongs to the injury type

And all the cartilages in the joints are damaged

Losing its function for activities

Can’t walk or cannot move

Even cannot eat a meal by oneself

Toward the end stage it’s very pathetic

In fact rheumatoid arthritis sounds much more serious

than rheumatism

So how do you treat these diseases?

Chinese Medical treatment in fact is

Adjusting the internal organ function

And early treatment and adjustment of the organs function

If it’s already at a later stage

Of course earlier stage treatment is more effective than later stage

Earlier stage refers to some deformity in the metacarpals

Or cannot extend the fingers smoothly like the morning stiffness

So in Chinese medicine we focus on opening up the meridians

Allowing the blood and qi to move faster

If blood can reach the area

Just like if trees lacks water, it’s dying of drought

I can move the blood through

Then it will nourish the joints

And then improving and strengthening the functions of the organs

These symptoms in fact can be easily treated

Can you share with us your case examples?

I just mentioned it’s easy to treat

In fact it’s not so easy to treat

Because sometimes people with rheumatoid arthritis

They are not aware of at the beginning stage


No feeling correct

It’s not there is no feeling

He probably feels that stiffness or inability to extend the fingers temporarily is not a big problem

So it’s ignored

Until it reaches the later stage when you become aware

This disease has progressed to a difficult stage to treat


Like I’ve been treating a

Patient at a relatively beginning stage

A female in her 50 years of age

When she came to see me the first time

In fact, she didn’t know I can treat her arthritis

She told me her shoulder hurts and slight headache

Very uncomfortable shoulders

I needled her with the one needle opening to all portals

She was in prone position when I needled her

This is a Japanese lady getting needling the very first time

She was crying and screaming

In fact, it wasn’t due to pain, just scared

Then I discovered when she laid down in prone position

I discover her small finger was bent, tilted up

It was bent because she cannot straighten it

So I ignored her

We let her yell

I was treating her and making her well

After she got up, she was still in tears

Then she looked, it is straight

Immediately it was straight

So she smiled

And the finger swelling went down

The small finger can extend in its straight form

Unsmooth flexion extension

Because due to long term blood cannot reach the nerve endings

We mentioned just now comparing it to a tree

The tree branch will dry

There isn’t sufficient water underground to reach up to the branches

Acupuncture in fact can provide stimulation

Opening the entire body meridian to reach the peripheral ends

This is a very amazing case

Are there others?

This is a female

Are treatment with male patients also this fast?

Partial male and female

As long as they have the symptoms in fact

It really is regardless of gender

I just have a case of male patient

He was a little more serious

A patient in the middle to late stage

At that time, it’s not only one finger

It was a couple of fingers in fact all cannot extend

Couple of fingers as if only two fingers can hold-on to the chopsticks

All other fingers were very stiff

Even if I use external force to extend it

It won’t budge

Especially the little finger because the nerve endings

In particular, no matter how I use the external force to extend it

When the force is released, the fingers curled up again

So he has no feelings

It’s like he does hurt, it’s not there is no feeling, the feeling is pain

But he has been in pain for so long

He didn’t know who can cure him

When he came, I told him

You must cooperate and persevere because

Your ailment has extended a prolonged period

And without an early treatment

This needle treatment is painful

He agreed and told me he can endure as long as the treatment will help

He was a very cooperative patient

Then I acupunctured him in local points

Local points, of course, are on the fingers, joints

It’s in fact very painful

The therapy included 7 treatments

After the 7th treatment, all fingers became straight

That was 10 years ago

He now came recently to see me

He saw me and smiled and said I know you are powerful

But seeing you sometimes I am still frightened

That finger

Well, immediately after if there is any problem he would come to see you

Correct, yes

This is a very magical case

It’s to allow us to relax a bit

Acupuncture is also very effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis

We will take a break

Later, we will share

How to prevent arthritis



Part 3


Dear world-wide audience and friends

Welcome back to our show

According to the world health organization research

0.5 to 1 percent of proportion of the global population

Are suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis

More than 35 million people are suffering from this disease

The main reason is that it’s a systemic autoimmune

Symptoms caused by immune dysfunction

It’s been referred to as the immortal cancer

So doctor, if it’s such a serious disease

Can it be cured?

Rheumatoid arthritis

We say that this disease, in fact, primarily

You need to diagnose early and seek treatment early

It could be eased entirely

Or we should say

Most patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

All having gone through a normative treatment

Can return to normal life

Of course, in order to prevent repeated attacks

It is best to keep maintenance long term wise

The period before the onset of the disease or after the effective treatment is

The best for regular maintenance

This is to say that through my acupuncture treatment

Because it has virtually no side-effects

To maintain wellness

Through acupuncture methods, we can also provide the internal organs

To do what?

to adjust and improve its function

Then can also provide extending the ligaments, increase circulation and detoxification

This type of wellness and improvement effect

Then about intentions for patients to continue with long term care

Then definitely the patient and doctor’s cooperation is very important

So through your treatment and therapies

Are there things that patients need to be especially cautious of?

Especially cautious

In fact

Doctor and patients’ cooperation is very important

No matter whatever the reason, some patients

After getting treatment

Wait until it becomes very painful again

To return for treatment

It’s to say that the periods between treatments are prolonged

This is very bad and non-effective toward the therapy

I hope every patient who come for such treatment

Can continue treatment with perseverance for at least a period of time

This is very important

We know that rheumatic arthritis

Is related to our own immunological system

So if that’s the case, it can be prevented

Can you also remind our audience and friends

How to prevent it?

Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis

Both manifest in pain

This pain is all due to damp cold

So it’s very important to keep warm

If you go out no matter if the weather is cold or windy

Especially windy, you need to keep warm.

We already mentioned that all the “wind” Feng acupuncture points are behind the neck

So one must concentrate on wearing and keep warm

To protect the neck cervical spine

You look at me and I’m always wearing a turtle neck

Wearing more has its benefits

Because “Wind” is the leader of hundreds of diseases

Another is proper exercise within limit

Should you exercise with joint discomfort?

Movement causes the Yang Qi (Energy) to rise

You can raise and improve the function of your entire body

Then the cold damp will dissipate

Let me teach everyone a finger joint

Exercise for movement

How is it done?

You try it


Finger joint is referring to the knuckles

When you force your finger joints it can touch the palms

Very forceful

All the meridians

Three yang meridians and three yin meridians of the arms in fact are all touched

So do you need to extend straight or relax

Straighten or relax, in fact, your entire arms are being used

You try it

Firmly affix to it

Very hard correct?

Yes, very difficult for this action

Do this every day for counting to nine is best

123456789 good

This movement

One is to pat the entire body

Pat it anywhere?

Of course I use an iron broom to pat

Abuse myself daily

No way, you practice martial arts, we cannot sustain such

Of course, not everyone can

But if someone wants to learn, I’d be willing to teach

It’s to say the patting there is the 7 knock 8 pat

How can one go from the entire body, the three hand Yin and three hand yang

To pat like this

The three hand yin channel, because it goes through the chest, so you start up and pat downward

The three hand yang channel goes to the head, so you go from bottom upward

Same with the legs

For legs, the lateral is yang and medial is yin

So there is a cycle

Medial you go from bottom up

And lateral you pat from top downward

Then you got it.

Got it.

Another is to say that these degenerative arthritis

That is especially the elderly patients with knee pain

How do you prevent and treat

Because normally patients with knee pain

Are usually heavy in weight

So their knee joints have more pressure comparatively

Western medical doctors would usally say

I hear often that they would say “You need to diet and lose weight”

I would say “easier said than done”

When someone is old

He doesn’t even have the energy to exercise, then what to do?

So let me teach you a method for lying on the floor

Or how about on the bed

You can do it on a bed that’s firm, can’t be too soft

Hard mattress and you lie on the bed

And you do an bike riding motion

Lying down peddling the bicycle

The knee joints secrete the collagen

This will stimulate the secretion


That there is lubricant within the joints right


Normally the pain is due to insufficient lubricant

So if you repeat this motion daily to stimulate the lubricant

But wouldn’t this cause more damage due to the severity of friction?

Why do I asked you to do this lying down?

It’s because there wouldn’t be the pressure of the body weight

Without the pressure of the body

Without the body weight pressure burdening them

This motion is actually pretty good

It works on the abdominal regions at the same time


In fact, there are many exercises, but I probably won’t be able to

Teach all of them here

Thank you doctor, in fact, the exercises you’ve shared

In fact, all look pretty easy

We can do it any time, even during break from work

In fact it is very beneficial

Very simple


Very simple

Audience and friends, I think today, through the doctor’s explanations

We understand rheumatoid arthritis

And the treatment of rheumatism

And the regiment for providing wellness

Hope everyone can stay far away from these type of diseases

And never suffer from them

Today, we thank the doctor for coming to our show to share

Thank you

And thanks also to our world-wide audience to tune in our “One Needle Therapy with the Wonderful Dr. Huang.”

We will see you next time