Gynecological Disease

One Needle Therapy with Wonderful Dr. Huang  Episode 9

Part I

Greetings to our world-wide audience!

Welcome to our show:  One Needle Therapy with the wonderful Dr. Huang

Women all over the world are concerned with the treatments for gynecological disease

Besides the traditional urethritis and irregular menstrual cycles, and typical gynecological diseases

Now days more and more people are paying attention to premenopausal symptoms

Because it does affect our health

And also affects our appearance and beauty

Today, we are very glad to have invited the originator of Huang’s one needle therapy

Dr. Jinjun Huang to our studio to share with us

How to treat and prevent gynecological diseases

Hello Dr. Huang

Hello Moderator

Hello audience

Women in their approximately 45-55 years of age

May experience a gradual decrease in menstruation until amenorrhea.

During the gradual process, many symptoms are experienced

For example dizziness, palpitation, night sweats, even insomnia, irritability

Sometimes one even feels like crying, etc

What’s worse is how the face becomes darker and more sallow

Old lady with yellow face correct?

Yes, how is it that women have pre-menopause syndromes?

Not only women, in fact, men experience something actually equivalent to menopause

But it’s more obvious in women

Today, we will discuss menopause in women

First of all, menopause is a natural phenomenon of the body’s normal physiological process

In the Yellow Emperor’s Classics, it is stated that Ren Meridian deficiency and Tai Chong meridian declines in seven times seven

Sky flower exhaust, tunnel is blocked, the shape is bad, so no child

This basically says that after 7×7 which is 49 years of age

Women experience menopause and can no longer bear children

There would be a feeling of imbalance both psychologically and physiologically

Children are all gown-up and independently out the house

Husband’s attitude may not be as considerate as at a younger age

So there is a feeling of loss and loneliness psychologically

Coupled with insomnia and irritability and easily agitated

The face becomes sallow

To make themselves look better, many go for facials

Facial actually do make your skin look beautiful exteriorly

But it does not solve the fundamental problem

Just like an old car

You can clean and paint it like new

But the engine is still old

So in fact we need to capture

Your fundamental problem is very important

You description, doctor, is very apt

When the engine is bad, it doesn’t matter how good you paint the car on the outside

Amenorrhea actually has such a great impact on our facial appearance

Yes of course

Then if the menstrual period determines a woman’s facial appearance

Then we must understand during menstruation

And not wait until menopause

Some are almost at the point of menopause

Actually, there are many premenopausal symptoms

It’s to say that the abnormality begins prior to menopause

You should know that’s when you start prostrating

And you should properly conditioning accordingly

Mainly prior to menopause, it is very important to condition

The appearance is different among female who conditioned compared to those who didn’t

You will at least maintain your youth if you condition accordingly

We can even referred to it as lingering charm

Yes, so are the menopausal symptoms similar in everyone?

There are differences

In Chinese medicine, we use differential diagnosis for treatments

Some are due to kidney Yin deficiency

Symptom of Kidney Yin deficiency is excess fire

So the liver excess fire reflects in bad temper

Fire excess in the heart reflects with insomnia

What happens in Yang deficiency?

The four limbs get cold

In more serious conditions, nocturnal enuresis can be seen

These all need to be focused

Liver Qi stagnation, in fact, in menopause

Is one major symptom

Irritability, upset, sentimental, paranoid and easily crying

Suspicious on what the husband is doing all day

Such a symptom

Heart blood deficiency in fact will also cause insomnia

Heart qi deficiency in fact, everyone knows

We, in Chinese medicine, speak of heart palpitation

It’s the feeling of tachycardia

These symptoms are typical of heart blood deficiency

In fact, some will experience a trance-like state

That is, one has no idea what one did all day

No idea whatsoever

Indistinct feeling of trance

It’s pretty serious

Because did not sleep well

Since it sounds like it should be symptoms due to menopause

Can slowly be expected

Can also be improved through conditioning

How does Chinese medicine prevent and treat it?

There are many methods through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, of course, is what I employ mainly

In the Yellow Emperor’s Classics, it is stated

Female are fertile with menstruation

Because sufficient Kidney Qi(energy)

Two meridians, Chong and Ren, are excellent and unblocked.

If the Ren Meridian is deficient, then kidney meridian will be insufficient and cannot transform Yuan Qi (original qi) and Sky flower (or menstruation) cannot be produced.

So conditioning and recuperation for menstruation is very important to females

Yes, dear audience, we will take a short break before

We share how Chinese Medicine prevent and treat

This very annoying problem to all women

Premenopausal syndrome PMS

Of course, the doctor will share with us

The good effects using traditional Chines Medicine acupuncture therapy





Part 2

Welcome back to our studio

Although many women suffers from premenopausal syndrome PMS

They do not know how to choose the best treatment available

Normally, western medicine will use hormone replacement therapy

Effective but lots of side-effects

It will also damage the liver and kidneys

According to the International Cancer Research Center which is under the World Health Organization

Hormone therapy for premenopausal syndrome

Has been categorized from “may have carcinogenic effect” to “harmful carcinogen and causing human carcinogenicity.”

Moreover, recent research reports also clearly indicated

Hormone replacement therapy is linked with breast cancer

I would like to ask Dr. Huang

In Chinese Medicine, is there a better way in this respect

To treat premenopausal syndrome or PMS?

Clinical and experimental studies proved that

Acupuncture can adjust the body’s

condition and neurological functioning

develop a self-regulation mechanics

Generating an effect of acupuncture

Such acupuncture can stimulate

Some excitement to these ovarian cell through acupuncture points

Some points can promote the secretion of these hormones

And regulate the immune functions with various points, etc.

Acupuncture points can play role in multifunctional integrated adjustment

Besides alleviating the symptoms of PMS

It can also postpone the ovary aging process

In fact, the best advantage for using acupuncture is that there is virtually no side-effect

It’s differentially diagnosed for each individual and treatment is individually dependent

For example, patients with kidney yin deficiency

I can usually use the point Ming men (life door)

To adjust the kidney water level function

To reduce the liver fire and hence the bad temper subsides

Reducing the heart fire solves the problem with insomnia

For patients with kidney Yang deficiency, the Kidney Yang Qi (energy) is deficient

Acupuncture on the Du Meridian points would stimulate and elevate the Yang Qi

Mainly, of course, best points will be on the Du (Governing) channel

For patients who are deficient in both Yin Yang and Qi Blood

I would use acupuncture to adjust and regulate the Qi and blood and opening up the portals for qi and blood throughout the entire body

Or course, I would also use herbs and diet as supplemental treatment

To help them tonify blood.

Do you have any data or case samples to share with us?

In my experiences throughout treatments

I’ve seen many females suffering from PMS or premenopausal syndrome

A typical case belongs to

A patient with severe hormone imbalance

She was tested and measured for hormonal index

Normally, many of us do not know

That acupuncture can adjust hormone, correct

I’ve never heard of it

Yes, so how do we prove it

That I can help her adjust the hormones?

We normally speak of pre-puberty and post-menopause

We have this hormone index indication

It’s to say that the normal index would be above 40

This patient, in fact, before she came to visit me

She used some hormone therapy

Like the patches on the naval

Perhaps many of you know

She used it

During the period I was treating her, she secretly stopped using

She wanted to test to see if my acupuncture can raise the hormone

But when I needle her

I knew the needling effect was excellent

It was about needling her for 10 times or so

For about a period over two months

It was approximately over two months in time

Then she gave me her lab result

Did it rise?

Yes, she told me

You know what doctor?

She was excited

She said “look at my test result”

Because I have used the western medical patch

But during the period of your therapy

I didn’t tell you

I suddenly looked at my test result

I’m so excited.


Her hormone index used to be 4

Ah!  That low?


Normal is above 40

Yes, she was 4

After the acupuncture therapy sessions, it rose up to 200

Wow, acupuncture can have such great effect!

Yes, this is a case of acupuncture

Of course, there are also other

But some people, they do not want to do such a lab test

Because the test actually is quite expensive

Oh, the test is done by western doctor


So do you have other cases to share with us

This is the first time I heard that acupuncture can reach such a good effect!

There was another case of a Caucasian patient

Another case

It was a 55 years old female

She had never had any acupuncture in the past

Her symptom was that she sat there in my office listlessly

Because she didn’t sleep well, her face showed she was sleepy

She told me

What can I do

I’m suddenly hot all day, very annoying

Hot flashes, especially at night

I’m unable to sleep

So I needle her once

After one treatment, she disappeared

Did the number rise?

I’m not sure

But she came after three months


I told her “I thought I scared you after one treatment”

She came and told me

You know what?

Your one treatment from last time

I’ve been very comfortable for 3 months

Good sleep and no more hot flashes

Now I’m back again because my symptoms returned

She knew it was effective so she returned to see me again

So your acupuncture treatment can last for 3 months?

It varies depending on individual’s constitution

Some Caucasians who have never been acupunctured

For example if you never had or tried Chinese herbal medicine

Your effect would be

Just like children who have never had medicine

I gave smaller dosage to Caucasians

So similar in acupuncture

For someone who had never experienced it

Acupuncture effect is more pronounced and obvious

Yes, I’ve heard of that

In fact, my formal boss

She was around 40 years of age and experienced pre-menopause

The doctor told her that she needs to ease up on her job

Do not have so much stress and pressure

Not good for the health

But I think now, the age is decreasing

Some are women in their 30s and even 20s

For these types of early-onset menopause, besides the problem of uncoordinated organs

Are there other factors?

You asked a good question

In fact, I’ve seen young ladies

Who suffered from amenorrhea in their 20s

Why?  In fact this is the phenomenon of premature aging

Due to emotional or mental stress for various reasons

For example, a terrible break-up in romance

Causing mental traumatization

So all of sudden, the menses stopped, doesn’t come at all

Or some people change from one job to another

Emotional stress with lots of pressure

Can be due to various reasons

Especially for white-collar female worker in higher positions

They suffer from more pressure at work

So premature aging occurs more often on these women

Other cases, there are some girls who failed the college entrance exam

They are depressed to death about not being admitted to college

Times like this, in fact, your menstrual cycle will appear

Easily disrupted

Therefore, it’s not only competing with the opposite sex or with the same sex competition

All will lead to psychological effects and cause early menopause

Dear audience, let’s take a break

We need to first become aware and care for our health and wellness

Next we will share with everyone how to treat gynecological diseases



Part 3

Dr. Huang, my mom’s friend has stopped menstruating for 3 years

But recently in the past 1 to 2 years, she is afraid to leave her house

Mainly because she goes to the bathroom right before leaving the house

But before reaching her destination, she needs to go again

When she actually finds a bathroom, she only pees one to two drops

So in really isn’t that urgent

Finally, she saw a western doctor

The doctor told her

She has urethritis due to menopause

But she took the medicine without any improvement

How does Chinese medicine view this?

The reason that menopause causes urethritis

Western medicine call it urethritis

Chinese Medicine, in fact call it “Lin Syndrome or Stranguria”

Urethritis is definitely related to the reduction of hormone secretion after menopause

But it could also be due to other reasons

For example, females have a shorter urethra which makes it susceptible to infection

So it’s related to hygiene and personal cleanliness

I remember a patient once told me

That she uses the dish washing liquid

To clean her vaginal area

Would it be too strong?

Of course it is

To use such a strong disinfectant

Will destroy the balance of vaginal flora

Thus decreasing the self-immunity

Also causing an inflammation, correct?

You just said improper cleaning or hygiene

So how about not drinking enough water?

Yes, of course

When you do not drink sufficient water, it will cause inflammation

Some people get too busy

To even think or remember to drink water

In fact, we should not wait to drink when we are thirsty



Anytime, correct?

Yes, anytime, we say that we should drink eight glasses of water

It’s to say that we should drink at least 800 liters of water to be sufficient

Yes, besides water and cleanliness

Are there other reasons that cause this “stranguria or Lin syndrome?”

In fact, Chinese medicine views the genital area is related to the liver meridian

The liver meridian directly passes through the genital area

So it’s also closely related to the kidneys

It’s connected to both the liver and the kidneys

Liver governs the transporting and dispersing

So there is a direct metabolic transport of blood by the triple burner (San Jiao)

Urinary bladder’s gastrification dysfunction is also related to the mood

So according to Chinese medicine, what are the symptoms of Stranguria/Ling syndrome?

Polyuria, urinary urgency, dysuria and hematuria

This is the typical three symptoms

That simple and clear to understand

Many people, for instance, when they first had stranguria/Lin Syndrome

Western medicine refer to urethritis

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture treatment for urethritis or Straguria/Ling Syndrome

How effective is it?

Actually, the anti-inflammatory antipyretic effect of acupuncture is very obvious

Sometimes faster than taking anti-inflammatory medicine

One female age 53

When she was diagnosed through Western medicine as urethritis

She came to my clinic for the first time

She told me upon entering

Can you treat me?  I’ve seen many doctors

She said she saw doctor directors, specialty doctors,

But none of them were effective

She said she is almost ready to give up

She wanted to see if I could treat her

So I said let’s give it a try

The first time she visited

She didn’t know acupuncture can treat urethritis

The so called Straguria/Lin syndrome

Her attitude was to treat a dead horse as if it’s alive

After the first visit of acupuncture

She called me the same day

Was she happy?

She said she never thought acupuncture can treat her problem

She thought for certain her problem was incurable

She thought the result was so unexpectedly effective, so I was very happy

Because her symptoms were typical

Polyuria, urgency, dysuria and hematuria were all there

All symptoms included

She said the same day it was no longer painful or bleeding

Very fast

Just one treatment?

She was thankful and returned for tretment

After 5 to 6 treatments she told me

Her conditions improved and stabilized


So may I ask what point did you needle?

You always want to ask

There is no secret

For urethritis conditions

I usually choose a point on the Ren (Conception) channel

There are various points with various effectiveness on the Ren Channel

One is for treating male prostate problems

Female problem is the same

It’s the point immediately above the pubic bone

We call it Qugu or (Curved bone) point

Then I would add another auxiliary point

It’s energized with the auxiliary point when we use electrical stimulation

The treatment is very effective

Yes, besides what you’ve just mentioned

Urethritis stranguria is problematic for many females

Irregular menstruation is also troublesome for many

How does Chinese Medicine acupuncture treat irregular menstruation?

According to Chinese Medicine, the reason for irregular menstruation is basically Qi(energy) and blood disharmony

Majority is due to Liver Qi stagnation or Kidney Qi Deficiency

Liver Stagnation has the actual symptom of irregular menstrual cycle

Sometimes with blood clot and dark in color

Spleen and Kidney both deficient in fact is also one reason

Sometimes the menses come early usually

Or the amount is increased with lighter color

Kidney Yin deficiency will reflect with heat and usually would causes menses to start early

When it becomes Kidney Yang deficiency, for many people due to drinking cold drinks

When female drinks too much cold drinks

Causes Ling or straguria, due to cold, cold causes coldness and stagnation

This way it leads to dysmenorrhea

Besides the irregular menstruation, many

Female friends may also have

Conditions due to long term use of contraceptives

Would this situation also cause irregular menstrual cycle?

Yes, long term use of contraceptives

May lead to irregular menses or amenorrhea even obesity

Another is to cause blackheads and acne spots on the face

Acupuncture for these

Just mentioned symptoms all can be cured

Then do you have any actual patients that

Suffered such condition?

I remember there was a 26 year old female

Because she told me

The first time she came she said

I have been on contraceptives for 6 years

Which means she started when she was 20 years old

From the beginning of last year

She said her menses stopped for 4 months

When she came to see me she had no menses for 4 months

She told me

My menses still hasn’t come, what should I do

On her face

She had a bunch of blackheads and acne

I told her we can try

If you are afraid of needle, then we can try herbs

Chinese herbs?

Chinese herbs can also treat

Liver Qi stagnation we have Xiaoyao san (Happy powder)

Then I told her I can also use acupuncture

She agreed

Which ever is faster, she would prefer

Acupuncture of course

Acupuncture would be faster

So I did it quickly

Her menses returned

Her face cleared up

Today, thank you doctor for coming to our studio

To share with us such valuable information

I think besides what we discussed today concerning irregular menstruation, gynecological diseases

Urethritis, even premenopausal syndrome and others

Audiences and friends must have other problems and needs information from you

Can we inquire through our website or telephone?

You are welcome of course

World-wide audiences and friennds, you need to self-care for your health

Just like the doctor just reminded our female friends to drink less icy-cold drinks

To show and exteriorize our confidence and beauty from within

Again, thank you doctor for coming to our studio and sharing with us

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you world-wide audience and friends for viewing One Needle Therapy with the wonderful Dr. Huang

we will see you next time