One Needle Therapy with Wonderful Dr. Huang (10th Episode)

Part I

Welcome, world-wide audience, to One Needle Therapy with the Wonderful Dr. Huang

International Foundation for Mental Health and Neuroscience

initiated a global program on sleep and health from 2001.

March 21 was set on a yearly basis as the World Sleep Day

It’s to remind everyone to pay attention to their sleep

Because sleep deprivation

Insomnia will not only cause suffering to your body

It can also cause emotional and mental stress

Serious conditions may also lead to suicides

Even clinically

It may lead to obesity and diabetes

Today, we are very pleased to have invited Dr. Jinjun Huang, Chinese Medical Doctor

To our show to share with us

How to treat the symptoms of insomnia

Hi Dr. Huang

Hello Moderator

Hello to all the audiences

Now, for some reason unknown, no matter for adults

Or children, seem to be sleeping later into the night

Unlike a long time ago when elderly folks turn in to sleep at 8:00

Not only that, there is situation of insomnia

So how do you view this problem?

Yes, worse case of insomnia can actually affect a person’s survival

Nowadays, patients come for treatment of insomnia

In fact have been more and more


But the term “insomnia” seems like a modern terminology

So how did the ancient Chinese medicine express the condition of insomnia?

According to medical books, the phenomenon of insomnia have existed from ancient times

Chinese medicine has acknowledged insomnia and researched for thousands of years

Chinese Medicine often refer to insomnia as not falling asleep, not dreaming

Or virtual trouble sleeping, eyes not sleeping, restlessness, etc.

Doctor, you’ve mentioned these bunches of terms I cannot remember

May I ask how it is explained specifically?

These are just explanations of insomnia

That is an ancient glossary of terms for insomnia

So does it mean not being able to sleep is insomnia?

Broadly speaking, not being able to sleep is toward external environment

Resulting of a short term difficulty of falling asleep

In fact would not be referred to as a disease

For example, the weather is too cold or too hot, too noisy and loud sounds

For example, the windows at our house is just next to a busy street

At night the cars sound very noisy

This is actually quite normal not being able to sleep and not considered “insomnia”

Mainly due to the causes from internal problems

Not due to external problems that causes difficulty in falling asleep

I remember the poet DuFu’s had one poem called “Insomnia”

Within its verses, one was “Qi deficient less sleep”

Like many poems that describe

For example:  “stubborn insomnia as if have slight worry”

Or “no sleep thinking about clothing, toss and turning to the side,” etc.

Seems like there are many causes of insomnia

So can you share with our audiences

What is the reason that causes insomnia

We mentioned that one cause is heart and spleen deficiency

All symptoms is to say

Heart Qi deficiency will cause heart blood deficiency

Some people is caused by prolonged period of mental breakdown

Or chronic illness, chronic illnesses can cause heart qi deficiency

Spleen deficiency of course is injury to the spleen and stomach due to over pensiveness

So there is poor appetite and loose stools

All these symptoms are there

Emotional disturbance/failure will be caused by emotional factors

Such as a major life changing event

For example too much pressure at work

Break up in relationship among young people

All will cause insomnia

Miscommunication between Heart and kidney , excess heart fire

Causing heart and kidney problems

Caused by kidney deficiency

Kidney is water

When water is insufficient, comparatively

Liver fire and excess heart fire in fact will all exist

Mainly or the most likely cause is due to irritable organs

In fact, irritable organ is what we now call

Premenstrual syndrome PMS

Al really


We will discuss this particular issue later

Now, this cause for insomnia

We discuss irritable organs in female for PMS, in fact, males also have menopause

Which we will discuss later

Now, there is the stomach disharmony causing restless lateral recumbent position

It’s to say if you eat too much, too full, too bloated

This will also cause poor sleep

Liver fire we just mentioned

Heart fire is related to kidney

There is the symptoms with vertigo, swelling and bitter taste in mouth

Many patients come to see me specially

When they have that reaction in the morning

Is dry mouth and very bitter taste in mouth

Also constipation

This is the typical symptoms of liver fire

All these causes

So Chinese Medicine focuses on differentially diagnosis and treatment

Is everyone’s insomnia

Treated differently with different methods?

Yes, of course

According to differential diagnosis

And the treatment methods will be different also, correct

So we just mentioned insomnia

In fact it’s divided into excess and deficient syndromes

All the disease etiology also have excess and deficient syndromes

So let’s differentiate the excess from deficient

For example for deficiency, that’s due to insufficient righteous qi

Manifesting as chronic long term blood deficient, yin deficient and qi deficient

Or course, our treatment method

Is to support the righteous and eliminate the evil as major and supplement with pacify the shen or spirit

Opposite of it is the excess syndrome

Excess syndrome is heart fire excess

Just mentioned anger due to liver fire excess

Or phlegm heat in the body

There is phlegm and heat stagnation or knotting inside

So we need to eliminate the heat as primary and transform the phlegm

This way, to the patients who suffers from insomnia

Would be very effective therapy

Sounds like there is yin and yang excess and deficient treatment

So specifically how is the treatment done?

Mildly speaking, we can slightly massage


Smoothing the qi and blood would comfort many people

Of course many methods are in fact through acupuncture, herbs and food supplement

Of course I primarily use acupuncture

I’m very curious why acupuncture can treat insomnia

Acupuncture in fact stimulate the human body by raising the Yang qi or energy

And toward the internal organ functions

And neurological system balance

This way through acupuncture adjustment

Or course acupuncture does two way adjustments

It’s to say that it increases what needs to be increased and decreases what needs to decrease

If it’s an excess syndrome, then I would reduce the fire

If deficiency syndrome, then tonify without any side effect

Sounds simple and easy to understand

We will take a break

When we return, Dr. Huang will share with us her actual cases


Part II

Welcome back to our studio

Dr. Huang has just shared with us

How Chinese Medicine treat insomnia

I believe the audiences and friends must be curious

To see if there are any actual cases you can share

That you cured someone’s insomnia through acupuncture

They can correspond to it

To see if it’s possible to recover from their symptoms like this

Patients suffering from insomnia have increased tremendously

In fact, very typical

For example a few typical cases I’ve seen

The first one

I can share with everyone

Is a male patient 40 years of age

He works as a tour guide

Perhaps he works for those mainland top officials

He came because he had relatively more intense pressure and more nervous

He had to accompany his tourists to dinner every night

Sometimes drinking alcohol to entertain

Of course, the opportunity to stay up late increased

He described to me the first time he came

I have insomnia, I sleep only 2-3 hours a night

This phenomenon has recently sustained for over a month

A long time

And upon waking up, the mouth tastes bitter, mouth is dry and irritability

Then also more temperamental and easily angered

Some times with headache

I checked and the blood pressure possibly was a bit higher than normal

So let’s try acupuncture for once

After the first session, he sweat all over

My treatment table cover were all wet

And he felt very comfortable and relaxed

Just like after exercising

He said he hadn’t felt so good for quite a while

So did he sleep well after going home?

I called him the second day purposely to ask

I asked him how he slept last night?

He told me not to even ask about it!

He was awake all night without any sleep

He stared at the ceiling with eyes wide-open and couldn’t sleep


I will tell you why

I told him

You don’t need to worry

This is called the Xuanming reaction (Flares reaction)

What is Xuanming (Flares)reaction

Xuanming (Flares) reaction is what’s stated in the ancient text books

It’s the process of development with symptoms onto the right direction

There is a reaction

Just like taking medication, for something ailing today

Stomach ache or some symptom

When you take medication, there is a reaction to the medication

Like after you take the medication, discomfort is all over

This is a xuanming (flare) reaction

I told him

You continue your treatment and the condition will change for the better

Did he come?

He was very cooperative

This patient continued for 5 to 6 treatments afterwards

In fact he improved each time

At the beginning it was 2-3 hours of sleep

After his 5th  or 6th treatment

He basically slept from 5-6 hours a day.

Very close to recovery


Besides that, the quality of sleep also improved, which in fact, is more important

In actuality, how good we sleep sometimes is not determined by the length of time

But the quality of sleep

If you slept for 5 hours and wake up radiant and rejuvenated

In fact, it can be considered improvement

So in fact, I think that

What you’ve just said about the Xuanming (Flare) reaction

Many patients may not know and will be afraid

Oh no, is this doctor effective or not?

And they will be worried and afraid.

But we must remind our audience and friends

To not worry

This insomnia patient is male

I believe many female friends also suffer from insomnia

And the age trend is getting younger and younger

Do you have similar cases to this?

Actually, sleep pattern for the younger age is related to habits

And one’s life style habit is very much related

I’ve seen many young ladies

Due to romance failure or even young men

They are angry

So angry they can’t sleep

In fact, if this is not treated

To improve and adjust one’s emotions and sleep will improve

But there are more severe cases

Actually, this affects the elderly more

Another case is a 62 year old female

She came with eyes squinting shut

The eyes were red which signifies Liver fire excess

And also lack of sleep

Which is liver fire excess

The entire face looks sleepy and the entire body looked lethargic

She told me, “doctor, I have long term insomnia.”

Not just 1 or 2 days, not just 1 or 2 months

But a very very long time I’ve been in this condition

Can you treat me?

I said this may be difficult

But I can certainly try

If you cooperate closely

Perhaps you will have good effect

She agreed and told me she trusts me completely

I believe you are able to cure me

So I treated her with acupuncture, after the first visit

She told me

Last night was the best sleep I have had for months

Best sleep ever

So I felt very comforting

That my treatment was effective

She said you are wonderful

So she continued treatments with me even now

This patient is till with me

Of course, her insomnia is cured after the therapy

But she had other problems.

So she slowly became a patient of mine for “wellness and tone-up” treatment

This is also very typical

Insomnia among the elderly aged group is very common

Especially among Asians

Many depend on sleeping pills for their insomnia

Do you have other cases to share with us

In fact, many people like I’ve just mentioned

Have become dependent on sleeping pills

At the end of my therapy after my treatments

Actually the dependency is gradually subsided

For example, one day suddenly, cannot fall asleep

She said when I really cannot sleep

Then I would take half the dosage

Break the pill in half

Another case is due to pain management


It was after a car accident

Because the neck was injured after the hit

The cervical spine caused the entire body pain

Resulting in a mental trance

When she visited me, she was very skinning

I remember when she came

It was a patient from a couple of years ago, she was only 80 kg

80kg is about

In the US we say pounds

I remember she was less than 90 pounds

Not even 90lb

Less than 90 lb so that’s

30kg or almost 40kg more or less

Her height was average about 163m

Only 90lb makes her very skinny

Very thin

What was the reason? Because it’s long term

After the car accident she is emotionally traumatized

And she also wasn’t able to sleep well

When she came to see me

She told me she saw many doctors already

She drove far

She drove 2 hours to see me

Wow! that’s perseverance


So I treated her with acupuncture

Every time after the treatment on the night of the treatment

She would tell me I slept very well

She saw many doctors and believed that acupuncture was the most effective

So she maintained treatments

For a period of time her sleep improved

So all other symptoms also improved

It’s to say that this patient told me

After 3 months of treatment with me

I now don’t have to take sleeping pills

Her weight slowly increased

The heaviest she came to me

Was about 3 to 5 months after the therapy started

She gained her weight up to 125 pounds


And her appetite improved

So this type of patient in fact is typical

Of what we say stomach disharmony causes restless sleep

Another is due to being traumatized

Emotionally she is worried and pensive, this type of patient

I found that the physical effect of insomnia on people is actually very huge

On the surface, it seems like it’s just not sleeping

But all aspects are influenced by it

Yes, that’s correct

Audience and friends, we will take a break

When we return, Dr. Huang will share with us

How to prevent insomnia.



Part 3

Welcome back audience and friends to our studio

Dr. Huang has just shared with us

Her view on insomnia and actual patient cases

I think that we have friends around us

May have similar problems

So it’s very appropriate

Yes, Chinese medicine emphasizes on the prophylactics rather than the treatment

We hope no one suffers from insomnia

Do not wait until the severity level becomes extreme

to see a doctor

Yes, so how do we prevent insomnia

Prevention, in fact is related to daily regimen and wellness

Just make certain you are not too tired

And avoid the emotional up and down

It’s to say you must know your own physical condition

For example premenopausal

You should know how to adjust your hormones

In fact, many people do pay attention

Habit forming is important to start from childhood

Like when I was a kid, my dad turned off the lights at 9PM sharp

So definitely you have to sleep

In fact all kids are the same

From the parents, teach them to keep their daily regimen and habits

So you must start young

Do not over exert yourself with exercise before bed

Do not eat within 2 hours before bed

Doctor, I just heard you say you sleep at 9:00PM

I remember I also slept at 8:00PM when I was young

I never stayed up late

But because I studied design in school

Many of my classmates

Says that they can think more clearly during the night

They have more ideas and creativity during the night

So may stay up late habitually

I want to ask if working late at night is considered insomnia

If one or two days in fact is not considered insomnia

In fact, it doesn’t really harm our health greatly

But if you chronically stay up at night

Then your body’s immune system and endocrine system

Neurological system will all be greatly damaged

So in Chinese medicine we say Yin Yang imbalance

Doctor can you explain it in details?

Specifically speaking, sleep

Is a necessity on a daily basis, not only that

You have to rest according to schedule

Because in the Yellow Emperor’s Classics, it is stated

The 12 hour schedule and what you need to do each hour

In fact, the Yellow Emperor’s Classics stated very clearly

We can look at this chart to see

Midnight is considered from 11:00PM to 1:00AM

That’s when the Gallbladder meridian is the most active

Bile and bone marrow production time

Is when the human body needs rest for commencement of repair

Should sleep and rest, it’s not to say you should start getting in bed

This is the time you must be in bed

And if you are sound asleep during this period is the best

Eleven in the evening until three in the morning

This is the Liver meridian correct?

We call it the liver meridian

This period you should ensure that you are asleep

Why? Because Chinese medicine speaks of sleep/lying down thus blood return to liver

Everyone should know that liver has the function of detoxification

If you stay up often

When you are not asleep by 1:00AM, what would happen?

You will tend to have liver diseases

So the toxicity accumulate in the body

So how can you not be sick for those who often stay up into the night

It’s in a healthy state

Easy fatigue, irritability, all symptoms of the liver meridian will manifest

Like when we mentioned earlier about the alcohol drinker

The tour guide

He drinks often so his liver is damaged correct?

So his stomach and liver are all damaged, so what happened?


Just listening to you now I remember

In fact, we have many friends around us

They would say

If you say you sleep from 10:00PM to 6:00AM

Eight hours total

But if I stay up late

I sleep from 2:00AM until 10AM

I’m also sleeping 8 hours

Can that be made up or replenish

That is yin yang reversed

Because night referred to as Yin and day time is referred to as Yang

We all know

There isn’t much time difference in the hours

But in fact, chronically speaking

Yin yang imbalance will do what?

Will damage our internal organs, in fact, very badly,

All will affect

During the day, even if you sleep longer

In fact you cannot make it up

We now have many patients who actually tell me themselves

I don’t’ go to sleep early and I can’t get up early

Calculating the hours, the sleep amount is the same

But the feeling of sleeping during the daytime, getting up would have a stuffy head

Discomfort physically and cannot bring up spirit

This way it’s a reversal in yin and yang

You sleep when you should be up and moving

You don’t sleep when you should be sleeping

So the yin and yang is off balance

And tremendous damage to the internal organs

Even if we are young

You can’t make up later

So when you are young, of course you won’t be cautious

Short term wise, day and night reversal

We were all young once correct?

When you don’t sleep a night, you sleep in the second day to make up

Actually you can still be rejuvenated

But you can’t do that chronically

For our health purpose

You should void staying up whether or not staying up is considered insomnia

Right, 12 hours in a day

The so called sun rise you begin to work and sun set you begin to rest

This is the law of the universe

Chinese medicine health regimen care is the fundamental objective law

You must follow

The running of Heaven and hearth , daytime is considered yang and night time is yin

The human body structure or the internal organs

Are all closely linked

if you have to break this schedule

Then of course you will be sick

Yes. So doctor, I know that you practiced martial arts since childhood

Possibly tutelage from many masters

Can you at the end

Give our audience a little gift

And show us how to assist with our sleep?

Sure, actually I practiced martial arts since childhood

But to people suffering from insomnia

It’s not they don’t want to sleep but cannot sleep

Are there ways you can teach us

I have many patients who in fact ask me this question

So besides acupuncture, what can we do on our own to provide regimen

So everyone, please see, it’s very easy

It’s to cross your fingers together and force

The two shoulders to open

Then force to drop down

Of course, your feet and knees should be straightened

So pull down

Do you see you are forcefully stretching the cervical spine

So the focus is pushing the chin downward

The chin can be straight

Force your shoulders downward, pull back your chest and push forward the spines as much as possible

Stretch the very stiff neck and shoulders

This way, we will have a better flow of

Qi and blood more smoothly to help assist sleep

The movements looked very simple

Doing it a couple of minutes before going to bed should be no problem

Sometimes I would do it forcefully


Of course there will be an audible crack

For those who have not practiced

I would not recommend to do it too forcefully

Just sufficient

Another is to meditate

Meditation in lotus position

Meditation will calm your heart

During Meditation, your shoulders are sunken downward

This will depress your qi

Sometimes insomniac patient

In fact has chaotic Qi, so the heart is also chaotic

The qi (energy) within the body when flowing smoothly and regularly,

will help with sleep

Thank you Dr. Huang for coming to our show today to share

Really benefited us

Audience and friends, we are very grateful for the doctor

To come to our show and share with us the treatment and prevention of insomnia

Next time, please continue viewing our one needle therapy with Dr. Huang

See you next time.